This is a record of my Square Foot Gardening.


Introduced to me by Gary Rohr, by asking if it was square ft gardening that I was doing.    At the time I had never heard of it, and he told me a book had been written about it.


My thanks goes to Farmer Brown who pointed me in the right direction on the internet, with his instruction manual.

Text Box: Square Foot Gardening.

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I live in Lincolnshire, and have always had an interest in gardening and have been looking for a way of managing a small area, but at the same time being productive.   Coming across square foot gardening has been the answer to my prayers.  I hope  to keep a diary on a month to month basis as to how I get on.

My lean too greenhouse where a lot of the plants are raised.  I just love hanging baskets as you can see.!

The principle behind square foot gardening is to divide the  ground into 1 ft squares and to have a raised bed.


The ground referred to in future as the bed is managed from the side so the ground is never stood upon and compacted.

My vegetable patch showing 2 raised beds.